Custom Camping Trailer

We call this guy a 'Camping' trailer because it's to take away camping, not be a camper (with a tent attached)!

These customers already own a gorgeous quick-erecting tent that they still use and love, so the soft-floor tent just wasn't something they need!

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- 7 x 4 Box Trailer Body (Based on our Crusader)

- Hard Lid Hinged and Gas Strut Assisted w/Checkerplate Lining

- Cobing Rail surrounding the Hard Lid for securing of content

- 3 x Jerry Can Holders mounted behind the toolbox

- Toolbox (Lockable) mounted facing the rear (Customer preference)

-Stainless Steel Kitchen on Tailgate (Standard)

- Stabiliser Legs underneath rear

- 65L Poly Water Tank

- Aluminium Checkerplate BatteryBox Fabricated w/ Wiring for Anderson run through

 MG 0070 Large

 MG 0071 Large

 MG 0073 Large

 MG 0076 Large

 MG 0077 Large

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