Custom Enclosed Boat Trailer

This Trailer was purpose designed and built to house the boats of a competitive racing boat team, along with all their gear!

- 5300L x 1900W x 2000H (Internal)

- Nose Shaped to Reduce Drag and Weight

- Side Access Door @ Nose

- Full Length Side and Rear Liftup Access Doors

- Steel Chassis and Frame  - Aluminium Composite Panel Shell

- Lightweight - 1400KG ATM

- Aluminium Checkerplate Floor

If you or anyone you know is interested in a trailer like this, take a look at the photos and contact us today!

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5M Custom Enclosed Work Trailer

This gorgeous trailer was purpose-designed and built to be a mobile base of operations for an electrical installations company. Allowing them to leave it secure and locked at site if need be, but also giving an area of shade for smoko, along with lunch from the Compressor fridge!

- 5100L x 2400W x 2400H (Body)

- Full Aluminium Frame and Sheeting

- 3mm Aluminium Checkerplate Floor

- 3500KG ATM - Electric Brakes     (Lightweight Aluminium Build = Only 1300KG Empty Weight!)

- Lockable Truck-Style Barn Doors @ Rear

- Lockable Side Access Door

- Internal 12v LED Light Strip

- Battery Box to suit 4 x 120Ah Deep Cycle Batteries - Lockable

- 9mm Form Ply Sheeting On Walls and Rear Doors

- Access Door Sheeted w/Alupanel to act as Whiteboard

- Tie-Downs in Floor for Securing Pallet

- 12v Compressor Fridge in Purpose Built Cavity

- And more!

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Enclosed Machinery Demo Trailer - Custom

 We hand-built this enclosed trailer for the sole purpose of being used by a company to demonstrate their state of the art machinery at Trade Shows!

They will be able to have their main unit inside the trailer and people surrounding the trailer all able to listen and learn about the product!

- 7 x 4'4" Enclosed Trailer (Made slightly wider to suit the product!)

- Front Side-Opening Access Doors - Either side

- 1 x 1200 x 1200mm Lift-Up (Gas Strut Assisted) Doors Each Side

- 1 Large Liftup Door On the Rear For the Main Demonstration - Also Gas Strut Assisted!

- Completely Removable Roof and Roof Supports (For the Main Unit to be placed and removed by crane!) Made out of Lightweight Aluminium Checkerplate with Handles For Ease of Use!

- Gorgeous Black 15" Wheels

- Spare Wheel Mounted on the Drawbar

- All Doors Recessed + Sealed with Sealing Tape

- Steel Checkerplate Floor!

- Custom Chassis Framing to Suit Main Unit + Locate Bolts Through Floor for Securing to Trailer

- Charcoal Hammertone Paint Finish for Durability and Looks!

If you're Interested in a trailer like this, have a look at the photo (Click 'Read More' To see even more photos!) and contact the team today!


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Enclosed Show Trailer

This Enclosed Show Trailer was designed and built to have Show Games (like the fun Clown Head games!) fit inside and travel all around the State and further for local exhibitions!

- White Alupanel Walls w/Checkerplate Trim and Aluminium Edging

- 4000L x 2400W x 2500H (mm)

- 3000KG ATM with only a 1300KG Tare Weight!

- One Large Gas-Strut-Assisted Shutter w/Lift Up Signage Flap

- 2 x Secondary Access Doors (One Drivers Side, One Drawbar) For Varying Entry Situations

- Fluro Tube Lighting and Powerpoints Throughout

- Potential for Future Internal Wall Sheeting (Not chosen in this case)

- Sliding Drawbar (for Tight Spaces at Shows, the Drawbar can be shortened)

Have a look below (and in the Read More Section) for some photos! Enquire with us for your trailer needs today!

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Aussie Built Custom Trailer - Market Holder / Market Stall


  • 6M Long x 2.4M Wide x 2M High
  • 3000KG ATM (Max Load) – Electric Brakes (All Hubs) – Breakaway Safety Unit
  • White Steel Sunraysia Wheels w/ Light Truck Tyres
  • Rear Drop-Down Access Door for Ease of Loading
  • Side Lift-Up Door/Awning for Display
  • Duragal Chassis and Frame - AluPanel Composite Wall Sheeting w/ Alloy Checkerplate Trim (Lightweight to Maximise Load Ability)
  • LED Trailer Lights
  • Swing-Up Jockey Wheel – Choice of Drawbar Style for Different Stall/Positioning of Trailers


custom aussie built trailer by aussie tough trailers brisbane 31

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Aussie Built Custom Trailer - Go Kart Trailer

This is a Custom Built trailer designed to Carry Go-Karts!

Fully Galvanised Chassis
Load-Sharing Suspension - Electric Brakes Fit to Front Axle
White Sunraysia Wheels w/ Light Truck Tyres

2000KG ATM

Gas Strut Assisted Doors

Slide-Out Step for Front Access Door

LED Lighting

Alu-Panel Walls w/Aluminium Checkerplate Trim

Marine Ply Floor

Drawbar-Mounted Spare Wheel

If you are looking for something similar to this, or this exactly, have a chat with the team today! Use the Contact Us Page for all of our details!

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