Enclosed Machinery Demo Trailer - Custom

 We hand-built this enclosed trailer for the sole purpose of being used by a company to demonstrate their state of the art machinery at Trade Shows!

They will be able to have their main unit inside the trailer and people surrounding the trailer all able to listen and learn about the product!

- 7 x 4'4" Enclosed Trailer (Made slightly wider to suit the product!)

- Front Side-Opening Access Doors - Either side

- 1 x 1200 x 1200mm Lift-Up (Gas Strut Assisted) Doors Each Side

- 1 Large Liftup Door On the Rear For the Main Demonstration - Also Gas Strut Assisted!

- Completely Removable Roof and Roof Supports (For the Main Unit to be placed and removed by crane!) Made out of Lightweight Aluminium Checkerplate with Handles For Ease of Use!

- Gorgeous Black 15" Wheels

- Spare Wheel Mounted on the Drawbar

- All Doors Recessed + Sealed with Sealing Tape

- Steel Checkerplate Floor!

- Custom Chassis Framing to Suit Main Unit + Locate Bolts Through Floor for Securing to Trailer

- Charcoal Hammertone Paint Finish for Durability and Looks!

If you're Interested in a trailer like this, have a look at the photo (Click 'Read More' To see even more photos!) and contact the team today!